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Earliest Birth Year John Konieczny  (I1022)  
Birth 1 January 1796
Latest Birth Year
Earliest Death Year Jakub Gorz  (I2298)  
Death 31 December 1838
Latest Death Year Frances Staron  (I0350)  
Birth 9 March 1917 Home, Town of Thorp, WI

Death 7 April 2017 Stanley, WI
Person who lived the longest
Mary Franciszka Ciolkosz  (I0256)  
Birth 29 July 1890 Konice, Poland

Death 11 March 1996
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
Ciolkosz, Konieczny, Shakal, Slowiak, Szczech
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Top 10 Surnames
[157] Szczech
[103] Slowiak
[101] Ciolkosz
[73] Konieczny
[55] Symbal
[54] Gutowski
[44] Shakal
[34] Kotecki
[34] Rohland
[33] Sopiarz
Upcoming Events
Andrew Joseph SzczechMale (I0124)
Death - 25 July 1944 (70 year anniversary)
‎(WW 2)‎ Normandy, France

Michael KoniecznyMale (I0068)
Baptism - 28 July 1890 (124 year anniversary)
St. Adalbert, St. Paul, MN

Mary Franciszka CiolkoszFemale (I0256)
Birth - 29 July 1890 (124 year anniversary)
Konice, Poland

Joseph LeweinMale (I1850)
Birth - 30 July 1931 (83 year anniversary)
Saskatchewan, Canada

Anna SlowiakFemale (I0264)
Death - 1 August 2006 (8 year anniversary)
Our Lady of Victory Hospital, Stanley, WI, USA

Helen SymbalFemale (I0197)
Birth - 2 August 1911 (103 year anniversary)
Chicago, IL, USA

Lawrence RzetelnyMale (I1596)
Burial - 2-8-1935
St Hedwig's Catholic Church, Thorp, WI USA

Bernard Gutowski + Helen Symbal (F101)
Marriage - 7 August 1928 (86 year anniversary)
Stanley, WI USA

Joseph SymbalMale (I0196)
Death - 8 August 2004 (10 year anniversary)
Chandler, AZ

Jozef Szczech + Agnieszka Czaja (F644)
Marriage - 10 August 1898 (116 year anniversary)
Ludzmierz, Poland

Frank KoniecznyMale (I0089)
Death - 14 August 2011 (3 year anniversary)

Doreen PotaczekFemale (I0894)
Death - 14 August 2008 (6 year anniversary)
Madison, WI

Bernice KoniecznyFemale (I0070)
Birth - 14 August 1894 (120 year anniversary)

Marianna BielFemale (I2332)
Birth - 15 August 1884 (130 year anniversary)

Theresa LangloisFemale (I1512)
Death - 16 August 2007 (7 year anniversary)
Mesa, AZ

Frank KoniecznyMale (I0089)
Burial - 17 August 2011 (3 year anniversary)
Nazareth Lutheran Church, Withee, WI

Pete Burzynski + Virginia Ciolkosz (F171)
Marriage - 18 August 1951 (63 year anniversary)
St. Mary's of Czestochowa Catholic Church in Junction, Stanley, WI

Rozalia SzczechFemale (I1800)
Birth - 18 August 1926 (88 year anniversary)
Krauszow, Poland

Bernice KoniecznyFemale (I0070)
Baptism - 19 August 1894 (120 year anniversary)
St Adalbert, St. Paul, MN

Vincent SavinaMale (I0212)
Birth - 20 August 1924 (90 year anniversary)

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